Particles and God rays

So in the Leonards main room in Kernal we want to add some dust particles in the room to add volume and make it seem more realistic, these particles need to be highlighted in the lights coming through the windows. Similar to the end of this.

I need to change the surface shader on the particles as they are only showing up against the window.

I have been having trouble with the renders coming out really dark, I will upload a better render of the dust in a little bit.

This is a playblast of the particles in action.

I tried to add some godrays coming in through the windows so that it could pick up the particles, initailly I was going to use in maya godrays however to save time we are going to add the godrays in in post. I created a light fog with a mr light shader to test the simplest form of godrays.


This works fine outside of the scene however when i bring import it the light fall off seems to cut short.


As you can see the particles are starting to get picked up in the light.

Once i realised that this wasnt working how i wanted it I started using a particle volume in which the lights would shine through it creating a mist, this is extremly hard on the render time and it to thick for this scene but I think it will look awesome in the greenhouse.


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