For the project Kernal a hammock was required to be hanging in the main room of the shed, initially this was not going to be dynamic, however I thought it would look strange if it was completly rigid, and considering that he walks by it, I though it would look cool to have some air interaction or physical interaction if needed.

I started out by making a more complicated set up then needed, I was going to use nCloth however this can be quite glitchy if there is a low polycount and i also didnt want to extra solve time.

I first tried adding dynamic hair to each strap.

Once i realised that i was making it alot more complicated then needed, I changed all the hairs to just the one single hair and bound the mesh to that.

This is the result I got, I added a passive collider to see what the interaction would look like.

And a quick lift up of the hammock.


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