Windy Debris

So I have been working on scene for Ollys film Kernal, for this scene i was instructed to create a windy scene with lots of paper and bits flying around.

I have made a start on this but it is no where near finished. Once I had blocked out the buildinds to give me my coridoor of wind, I created some particle emitters which would act as the dirt, I then assigned fields ect to make them fly down the coridoor of buildings.

Once I had a dense look to the particles I needed to add in loads of paper.

I started this by creating some larger emmiters and animated them so they acted as cannons shooting out paper at desired times, I then ran a particle instancer running off an nCloth plane, ( I used nCloth so the paper had some dynamic movement as it was flying around.) I made a few of these emmitters for different pieces of paper.

I now needed loads of shreds flying around to bulk it up so I added in a surface emmiter with loads of nCloth shooting out of it.

Here is what i have so far, I am going to add loads more bits today to it.


Stereoscopic Conversion 2D to 3D

In a pervious post you saw that i started a stereoscopic conversion from a flat 2D image. Well I decided to finish this process of but this time I decided to use the wow image Dan created for Fentil, this way it had some relevence and it would also be nice to show before the animatic.

This is the original Image that I started working on.

My first task was to rotoscope each section in order using mocca, as this image is alot more detailed than the previous image I was using I ended up with about 80 roto layers.

As you can see I left the sky as i want this flat and have something to judge the depth by.

Next I had to set up my nuke project for stereo, so first i made a stereo rig in nuke that could be controled from just one camera, I then bought across the roto paint layers I made in Mocca and pluged them into a displacement geo that would create a 3d projection onto a card.

I then edited the luminance colours and feathering to bring the different elements out how I wanted.

Now I could render in 3D, its worth a mention that my prefered viewing method is Nvidia 3D vision not anaglyph, in fact the anaglyph glasses I have at the moment are truely awefull.

Here is the anaglyph and interlaced versions.

The coloured boxes are from the PLE version of nuke im using.


The interlaced version.


Sim Tests

Ok just a quick update of some of the sims I have been doing.

First I finished off the polariod explosion I was working on, I managed to get the particles to rotate on collision with the floor by creating a particle collision event which would create a new particle on collision and the old one would die, this way I was able to remove the rotations I was having trouble with.

My next task was to create a watering can that would pour out paper shreds, coming into this \i could think of two ways to do this, either lots and lots of ncloth or using particle instancers. I decided to try the quickest way first, and as the paper doesnt really need to react with anything, i decided to use instancers. I used an nCloth to drive the instancer, however all the paticles are driven by this one nCloth so it looks abit similar at times. I also added random rotations per particle.

This is the driver.

and the particles flowing out of the watering can.

I am now going to test it using loads of nCloth, as i will need to use this technique to create another scene that is needed of some hands picking up shreds of paper as they slip through the fingers.