Motion Capture.

Ok so i have busy moving house and bringing all my stuff home for the summer that i forgot to blog the end of my motion capture project.

As you know I have been using the kinect to produce an 11 second club entry. As you saw in my previos posts i had got to the stage where i needed to clean up my data and use this data within maya.

So here was my  process…

I started with the second character whom would be more prominante within the scene. Once i had the raw data in MoBu i then plotted the animation to a control rig, which allowed me to fix any major problems i had in my data. I plotted this back to my kinect rig (so i can export it out).

I now had to reduce the number of keys that were on my kinect rig, to achieve this i deciede to use the filters within MoBu.

This is the original data.

I started using the Butterworth filter.

This gave a much smoother motion that the original data. As the butterworth filter removes frequency to stop jittering i still needed to reduce the number of keys i had on each joint as it would be a nightmare to sort out in Maya.

To reduce the keys i used the Key reducing filter.

Once i had the motion flowing nicely i then bought it into maya and began keying over the top of the animation using animation layers, which i havent used before but are extremly usefull.

This is my progress within maya, i wont explain it all as it was alot of tweaking of poses ect.

I bought the second character in so i could have them interact as realistically as possible.

And the final animation… ENJOY!