11 Second Motion Capture

Just a quick update on my progress with my negotiated brief, i have deciiece of character animation. I decided i would do this by entering the 11 second club, as i dont think anyone has used motion capture on it before.

I have recorded all my data and cleaned it up nicely, which i will post videos of my workflow tomorrow as they are still uploading.

I have also worked out how to transfer that datat onto a custom rig, which i will make a quick tutorial for at a laer date as i found it impossible to find a solution online, using the kinect, motionbuilder and maya.

This is my scene, the idea is a king is being overthrown by one of his employees, and dumped off a cliff.

I have blocked the scene out, where the king is going to be tied up in the barrel.


Stay tuned for video updates.


VW Beetle

Here’s a cool little video showing the making of the vw beetle advert, the comp work on this is awesome.