Dead Island

So one of my friends showed me this trailer for a game called dead island, a first person open world shooter. This is one of the best game trailers i’ve seen in a long time.




So today Jenny wanted me to try the spider web in a different way; to model the web and add dynamics to it rather then using a plane with a texture on it, as the web is going to be in the foreground of the shot. So Jenny sent me a quick model of the spider web, however i couldn’t use this as it was modelled out of lots of bits of geometry, which meant when i converted it to ncloth and added gravity, the web fell to pieces rather than just hanging there. So i decided to model my own quick spiderweb. I made this by using a cylinder and turning the cap divisions up, i then added edge loops and deleted faces until it looked like a web. I needed the web to have alot of cross sections so that objects colud interact with it easily and not fall through the gaps.

So here are some tests of how the web would hang and how it would react with objects, ect.

The web here looks a little floaty so i have changed some of the attributes to make it tighter.

Some interaction with the web.

Jeffrey Chide Project

So here is what i have been up to so far.

I have modeled a couple of characters for craig’s project.



I then went onto rigging the 2d Jeffery, which i though would be an easy job, however i was wrong and i think i will need some help as i can get him to move with out deforming  really badly.

Any way here is my progress so far.

I made the skeleton.

I then added switchable ik’s to the arms and legs.

Next I added hand controls, i set this up by connecting the rotation in the xaxis across each finger. I then used set driven keys to add moveable controls.

As you can see you can bend the fingers all together or individually, i also se up limits so the fingers wont go through the hands and so they wont bend to far backwards.

I then bound the mesh to the joints, and started painting weights, but i found no matter what i did it ended up really wrinkly.

I tried adding ribs to the rig but that didnt make a difference, i am going to need a little help on this rig.

I decided to start rigging the other characters whilst i wait until tomorrow.

I started with Rod, i figured that these 3d characters will be much easier to rig.

First i made the skeleton.

As you can see i have added extra joints to control his moustache, ears and nose. My next step was to first tackle the feet and legs, to do this I first created a reverse foot which i then snapped to the corresponding foot joints. I then created an ik set up, from the hips to the ankle, the ankle to the ball and the ball to the toe, in which i parented to the corresponding reverse foot joints.

I the created a pole vector constraint to a piece of geometry to act as a knee constraint. Once this was all in place i then parented the ik handles on the foot to the same joints on the reverse foot. This will allow me to create foot rolls ect.

I made this reverse foot wrong, here is my updated foot.

Now i have the feet correct i started adding more controls to the rig, to do this i used a parent constraint to parent a joint to a locator, then i made nurbs curves and used an orient/point constraint depending on what i needed. To clean it up i locked and hid the attributes in the channel box that weren’t needed.

I have also edited the attributes on the controls on the feet to give the foot the ability to toe roll, toe spin, heel roll and heel spin and also a foot lean. I will upload a playblast of this tomorrow.