My Finished 11 Second Club

Here is my 11 second club entry, it isnt the best quality it could be but i wanted to keep the file size low so i wouldnt have any problems uploading it.

I am pretty pleased with the outcome as it is my first proper attempt at character animation and lipsync.


11 Second Update

So as you know i have almost finishd my 11second club entry, im quite pleased on how its looking, i have the animation done so all that is left is making it look sexy!

I have done some lighting, i didnt want to overlight it as its supposed to be set just before night time.

Here are some renders from each shot.

Shot 1

Shot 2

Shot 3


 Shot 4


Shot 5


Shot 6


Shot 7


As you can see i still need to texture the hammock and the logs on the fire. I also need to add a bit of light in behind them so it matches the other angle and i need to ture down the fire simulation and glow. I will be rendering it tomorrow and should have it finished by tomorrow night.

Another quick update.

So i got some more feedback on my progress, some one suggested i remove some of the keyframes and add some longer holds as less movement can make the acting more realistic.

Here is my adjustment.

11 Second Critique Update.

I have been uploading my work in progress onto the 11 second club forum so i could recieve some critique, hopefully making my animation better.

So of the critique i recieved was that i was over acting the “why would i put it there” and also some of the actions were to similar. I have blacked in some new poses, which i think make s the animation look a lot better. There is still alot that needs to be fixed but here is a playblast after my initial fixing.

Brink – The Game

I found an article on the upcoming game Brink, and it looks awesome. They have used a new way of movement allowing the player to climb and maneuver over obstacles using SMART (smooth movement across random terrain) which frees up the limitation of scene building with in games.

This is a cinematic trailer for the game.

And the production focus.



11 Second Update

Ok a little update on what i have done so far, i have changed my poses a little bit to show more emotion. I have added overlaps and anticipation, i still  need to get better arc’s though.

I have noticed a couple of glitches in the animation i will get to them tomorrow.

11 second update

I have done a bit more work to my 11 second entry, i changed the camera angles and i changed some of the poses, i decided to removethe pose where he bends down to his knees as the pose seems to submissive for the context of the animation and his personality. I also textured my scene (i do not have a render at the moment)

Experimental Animation (Done and Dusted)

I have finished my experimental animation. I used a stopmotion technique but i left my shutter on my camera open to create a long exposure light trail. I wanted to make light dancing and interacting with each other, in time with the music. I planned my animation out but first making the trail in which i would vaguly follow, and then assigned the frames to the sections with the key beats on. Making the animation was a lot harder than i thought and i felt that i often got lost in what i was doing, i found that not thinking and creating smooth archs with your arms, each frame moving a bit further on than the next, gave the best results.

I am pretty happy with the result.