Character Animation – Emotion change

Well I have finished off my character animation practice.

After my blocking pas I went through and added extra bits and pieces, but it didn’t seem to work and made the whole animation rigid and lifeless.

I decided to work with my original scene and add the overlap, anticipation and the fidgety details in. I think it turned out pretty well but still needs some work.

I edited and tweaked the animation until i thought it looked right, ive also added in cameras to give my character the best silhouettes possible as he is moving around. I also spent a long time in the graph editor tweaking the character. The only major problem i had with this animation was with the feet, in which the ik handles would add extreme points in the graph editor which would cause the knees to violently spin around, and no matter what i did at some point or another the points would sneak their way back into the graph editor. This was a bit tedious to keep going back and deleting all the points out.

Here is my final render.

I am pretty happy with it there are a few bits that could be changed, maybe a bit too much swing on the arms. But PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT


The Phone Call

I have just started doing a little peice of animation to represent a change in emotion, using no facial expressions. I have chosen to make my   character  to anticipate an important phone call and the call will be good news.

I decided to act out the basic of what i wanted (although im a shocking actor).

Here is my reference video which i will be basing this proect around.

From this i drw out my thumbnails ( i will not be sticking to these religiously more just to get the movement nailed down in my head)

I have created a blocking pass with my keyframes to get the timing ect right.

Here it is:

Character Walks

This week i have been working on some character walks and walk cycles.


My first attempt was pretty terrible as i was using wy to many key frames giving it a robotic look.

This is my first pass:

I then went through and added some overlap, however it still looks really stiff:

I tried to add some sway and swing in him but due to the face that i had to many keyframes it went relly jerky.

I tried to salvage this peice and deleted bits out and made him walk uphill as he seems to be pushing off to much. I am still not very happy with it.


I decided to do a couple of walk cycles that turned out alot better then my first.

Here is a simple walk:

And here is a sneaky walk.

Im alot happier with these then my original walk.


Heavy Lifting

So we were given an assignment to make a character pick up a heavy box. We could do this in any media so i chose cgi.

I started off by filming me lifting up a tv and then drew my keyposes out so i had a basis to work from. . Once i had my keyposes sorted i then started working with the rig and key framing my poses in.

First Pass:

I noticed a few things that i needed to fix in the first pass such as:

-The hands go through the box.

-I need to rotate the box in and bring it towards him during the lift.

-The head turns to much at the beggining.

-I want him to bounce in the stretch.

-The steps at the end leave to quick.

Here are the fixes.


I added a bit of overlap and some wobble in the legs.

<object width=”480″ height=”385″><param name=”movie” value=”;hl=en_GB”></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param></object>

Here is my rendered lift.