Damien Walters

Well this doesnt have much to do with animation but this guy is amazingly talented, it might also be cool to do some character animation based on park our, it could prove a challenge to capture the impact and the physics of the body flying through the air. When i get my computer back I’m going to try it.


Round 6

This is a short by snowball studios which is made in the style of a video game trailer. I think that it is pretty epic and all game trailers should be made in cg like this. I particually like the style of the animation, with dark and grungy effect compaired to the glossy trailers you normally see. Unfortunatly this is not going to be made into a game.

Whilst on the subject of game trailers, i saw the new assassins creed trailer which was shown in the E3 conference and it looks absolutely stunning (visually) i have never really been a fan of the games though.

Cool Animation.

I found this animation featured on a website and thought it was pretty cool. I think the way the character moves is awesome, with the attention to detail in the movement making the character that acts like a dog believable.